Pro-Moviendo Queens:

Seeks to shift the role of our members from receptors to EDUCATORS by creating informal educational “hotspots” where Latino immigrants feel safe seeking HIV information. Voces Latinas trains business owners along Roosevelt Ave to Take the Pledge as educators. Each establishment is equipped with a poster that faces Roosevelt Ave, educational information, a Promotora, training, and location (Voces) for HIV testing. This allows for a continuous flow of risk reduction information to the community of Queens. The majority of the venues are open 24 hours a day. Our first year successes include:

  • A total of 232 venues were canvassed
  • A total of 40 venues have “taken the pledge” to be educators of their community
  • From January to August a total of 84 referrals have been received, 69 were for HIV testing and 15 were for insurance enrollment.
  • A known HIV positive individual was identified from the business zones and linked to medical care.
  • 3 community events (health fairs) were completed with business ownersCommunity Mob 2